Iftar Fundraiser 2022

Join Samah Projects for our Iftar Fundraiser. Our intimate feast will be to enjoy the blessings of Ramadan then pay it forward to those, not living as comfortably as us.

Join us on Sunday April 24th 2022 for an Al Aseel Banquet dinner with home made desserts to follow.

The cost of the Banquet will be $60 and any further donations will go towards feeding Orphans and Families in Lebanon.

In Ramadan we have hosted and continue to host a weekly Iftar in Lebanon for Orphans. We have also commenced our distribution of over 100 hampers.

Our food hampers will include staple (stable for the Arabs) items such as:
Rice, lentils, pasta, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, tahini, tomato paste, canned beans, powdered milk, and tea + coffee. In addition we will also include seasonal items such as fruits & vegetables.

100% of all donations go to purchasing the products being sent to those who need it most. Samah Projects covers any administration costs accrued in facilitating.