Samah Projects

PO Box 377, Balmain NSW 2041

About Us

Our Story 

Everybody has a history. We can repeat it, learn from it or use it to help others. In 2015, Samah was founded upon this principle. Initially, we provided educational programs, aid and support to those in need, locally and abroad.

In 2017, we expanded our scope and incorporated workshops in South Australian high schools. Through Samah, we were able to deliver empowerment workshops to students from grades 9-12. These engaging workshops offered a holistic approach to students’ learning, and covered self-development, relationships with themselves and the world around them.

This year, we opened avenues to support students across other Australian states. Collaborative efforts with other organisations ensure that the same programs are accessible to all those who want to learn across Australia. We also continued our humanitarian efforts and did our best to ease the difficulties of those suffering.

Our Family 

Our amazing Samah team here in Australia and across the globe make this all possible. Please click below to meet our team of superheros!

We would also like to mention our extended family below who have helped shape and support our cause in so many ways.

The Emali Team

Inspiring children to grow and learn about the world around them.

Human Appeal International
Providing necessities and aid to families in war-torn, poverty-stricken, drought, famine and disease affected areas around the world.

Energetic and enthusiastic speakers, providing schoolchildren with uplifting workshops and seminars.

Our Middle Eastern based volunteers, headed by Shereen
Assisting with packaging and distributing necessities to impoverished families in the region.

And all the sponsors and individuals who donated to our events and fundraisers!

Our Goals

Samah believes in a supportive world, where future generations are equipped with and taught to utilise resources they need to fulfil their potentials. We strive to provide support not only physically, but mentally in order to help us deal with any burdens that come our way.

Samah Projects is an outreach that assists people worldwide, through a team of dedicated volunteers. We want to make safe havens where every individual feels that they are enough. 

Our Humanitarian Initiatives
aim to provide families and individuals with food, water, clothing, schooling materials and more.

Our Workshops
include children and adolescents, from kindergarten through to university, providing support through all stages of youth.

Our Training Programs
are designed for parents, teachers and mentors to better equip them in their daily interactions with children.