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The Samah Team 

Eman Serhan: Founder and Program Facilitator
As the saying goes - behind every great organisation there is a woman. Well, for Samah Projects, there is Eman Serhan. As Founder of Samah Projects, Eman is on a mission to educate and support individuals through all walks of life to overcome challenges and realise their full potential.

Eman's journey as an educator began at 19 as a teacher’s aide in a local School. It was here that Eman realised her knack for connecting with children from diverse and troubled backgrounds. This passion for education came into fruition several years later when Eman co-founded Adelaide based business Emali Early Learning Centre. A family-owned childcare that now operates at 10 different locations and continues to provide over 2,500 children a safe environment to grow and learn.

In 2014, Eman took her passion and drive across the seas and spent time volunteering with international organisations to deliver aid to children, young women, mothers, and families in refugee camps. It was out of this experience that Samah was born. Samah is the culmination of Eman’s professional and personal journey to be of service to the community around her. Samah seeks to achieve this mission through education programs in schools, online programs, private mentoring programs as well as collaborating with International organisations to provide aid to people that truly need it.

Jinan Mehio: E.V.E Program Creator

Jinan Mehio has been with Samah Projects from the very beginning. Over the last 12 months, her role has grown as our ‘E.V.E. - Conscious Living’ branch has grown. Jinan graduated in 2007 with a double degree in Laws & Legal Practice, and Commerce. Jinan has also spent the last 10 years running several successful Adelaide cafés. Jinan brings more than just her valuable business and academic background to Samah. As a mother of three, Jinan brings to life our passion for conscious parenting and living. Having gone through her own awakening journey – of self-growth, development, and discovery – over the past 18 months, Jinan wants to share and spread the message of being the most conscious version of oneself.

Huda Serhan: Consultant

Huda Serhan brings to Samah Projects a wealth of knowledge from her private and public sector experience as a business consultant. Huda is a commerce graduate and has gone on to obtain a Masters in Economics. Having served as a lecturer at a leading Australian University, Huda appreciates the important role educators play in the lives of children and young adults alike. As a mother of 2 young girls, Huda is passionate about the work Samah does to incite change. With our programs that aim at empowering individuals to become more effective teachers, mentors, and just as importantly – parents Huda’s personal and professional experience helps to the guide the way.

Shereen Baassiri: Middle Eastern Regional Manager

As a mother of 3 [to two daughters and one son] and 1 of 5 daughters, Shereen Baassiri has always been surrounded by strong women getting things done. This attitude took her on a successful career consulting for an international clothing brand both in Lebanon and abroad. Yet, her passion for family and generosity never left her. In recent years, Shereen traded the go-getter lifestyle for a go-giving lifestyle. Shereen now heads the Middle Eastern Humanitarian Aid branch of Samah Projects. Her efforts on the ground allows Samah to achieve its far-reaching effect. Particularly during our Beirut Appeal in response to the 2020 blast – where Shereen could be found on the streets which were affected handing out crucial supplies to those who needed it most.
khalil el jamal
Khalil El Jamal: Project Manager - Lebanon

Khalil brings over 20 years of experience in project management across diverse industries, ranging from technology to construction. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated the ability to adapt to dynamic environments, swiftly identifying potential roadblocks and devising innovative solutions to keep projects on track. One of Khalil's standout qualities is his adeptness in fostering collaboration among stakeholders. He believes in harnessing the unique strengths of each individual, effectively leveraging their skills to create a motivated workforce. His passion for project management, coupled with his unwavering dedication to excellence, makes him a valuable asset to The Samah Projects Team.

Eman Elhelw: Project Officer

Eman Elhelw (not to be confused with Eman Serhan the woman behind it all!) joined our team in early 2021 as our Project Officer at Samah Projects. Throughout her schooling and university, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws/Arts (Spanish Major), Eman maintained a strong passion for social justice. Samah Projects is the melting pot of Eman’s interests having worked and volunteered for several years with local community organisations, Women’s Legal Services, and University Student Societies. Eman is passionate about the diversification of media to convey the nuances of the multicultural fabric in society. Eman believes that the upcoming generation deserve education that empowers them, rather than disciplines them, as they are the gems of our future. Eman is so excited to work in cultivating effective education spaces, not only to pass on her knowledge and experience to youth, but to also learn from them.