Mentor & Educator Programs

We support adults so they can support the next generation. Mums, dads, carers, teachers or mentors. We will help provide a strong foundation to all the role models out there, so they are empowered to nurture our future generation. 

At Samah Projects we are passionate about educating teachers on different tools and strategies they can apply in the classroom to support students.

Our programs focus on communication styles, stress management, building resilience, social / emotional awareness and how to build a relationship with students on openness, trust and presence.

EVE is designed to support parents. Releasing their fears, conditioning & traditional parenting models to become more evolved and self-aware.

Conscious parenting is through connection instead of coercion, through love instead of fear. This program is not about punishing ourselves for the mistakes we have made as parents but bringing awareness to how we can evolve and create a healthier and loving relationship with our child.

Samah Projects is on a mission to create a community of people that are passionate about being the change they want to see in the world. During these challenging times, we understand the need to bring as many people into our community to learn the art of facilitation, communication methods and how to create a safe space for others.

We want to teach others how to adopt a conscious leadership style so they can facilitate a deeper level of transformation within others.