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Teen 1 on 1 Coaching

Teen 1 on 1 | Helping teens unleash their potential with tailored personal development coaching sessions.

“The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be” - Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Teenagers are the future of the world, they are the upcoming teachers and leaders. this time of their life is when they are shaping who they want to be and how they will show up in the world. At this stage in their life they will learn the fundamentals on who they are, managing emotions & mental health, developing unconditional self love and gaining life skills on how to manage challenging times in their life.

As a parent, educator or guardian you may be reading this and experiencing the difficulties of being able to relate to the changing behaviours of your child. You may also be looking for a positive mentor or role model for your child that will be able to provide support with their personal development.

At Samah, we understand the challenges that teenagers are currently facing. We are here to provide a safe and loving environment for teenagers to speak openly about their challenges, discover who they are on a deeper level and give them a life toolkit.

This program can support teenagers with:

Self awareness
Clarity on passions & purpose
Learn to build meaningful relationships
Develop unconditional self love
Emotional Intelligence
Managing mental health
Growth mindset
Be your own Life Coach
Taking responsibility for your life
Communication & listening skills
Building Confidence
Goal Setting

Coaching Package:

In order to receive the best results and experience lasting change, it is important to invest a certain amount of time to build a relationship, integrate learnings and allow the teenager to apply what they have learnt in the real world. This is the reasoning behind why we have decided to make this program a minimum commitment of 3 months (6 fortnightly sessions)

This coaching package includes:
6 (1hr) fortnightly online (Zoom) Private Coaching Sessions
 Unlimited email access to Coach over the 3 months
 Homework & worksheets to complete in-between sessions
 Access to online modules & resources


Your Coach: 

Eman Serhan, the Founder of Samah Projects, is on a mission to educate and support individuals through all walks of life to overcome challenges in their life and realise their full potential. Samah seeks to achieve this mission through education programs in schools, online programs, private mentoring programs as well as collaborating with International organisations to provide aid to people that truly need it.

Contact Us 

If you are interested in this program, the next step is to schedule a chat, via Zoom, with our Coach and they can take you through the program in further detail.