Children & Teen Programs

We seek to encourage healthy mental development in young people. By implementing creative means to engage youth through curriculum linked workshops, we assist children throughout all stages of growth. Whether it be through self-positivity and empowerment talks, or study assistance to boost academic results, we hope to sow knowledge and let youth reap their own wisdom. 

Infinite Potential is designed specifically to support teenagers in uncovering who they are, taking control of their future, building resilience and developing an inner confidence.

Samah Projects understands the current challenges these teenagers are facing and we are on a mission to inspire, support and empower these individuals.

Illuminate is designed specifically to support teenagers in gaining the real-life tools and strategies to develop their mindset, emotional intelligence and build resilience to stress.

Samah Projects is passionate about shining a light on the current challenges faced by teenagers. Through this program we are on a mission to support and empower teenagers to take control of their life.

At Samah, we understand the challenges that teenagers are currently facing and through this mentoring program.

We are here to provide a safe and loving environment for teenagers to speak openly about their challenges, discover who they are on a deeper level and give them a life toolkit.