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Illuminate | An 8 week school-based program to support teenagers to shine

“Know what sparks the light in you, then use that light to illuminate the world”

Illuminate is designed specifically to support teenagers in gaining the real-life tools and strategies to develop their mindset, emotional intelligence and build resilience to stress. Samah Projects is passionate about shining a light on the current challenges faced by teenagers. Through this program we are on a mission to support and empower teenagers to take control of their life.

This program includes:

8 in-person classroom workshops (1 per week).
2 one-on-one 30 min life coaching sessions per student.
Online modules and unlimited email coaching support during and after the program.

Program outline:

Workshop 1: My identity
Outcomes: In this workshop the students will learn how to create their own unique identity that will create a strong personal foundation in their life.

Workshop 2: Self-Acceptance
Outcomes: In this workshop the students will learn how to manage negative self talk and the perception of others.

Workshop 3: Understanding your relationship with stress
Outcomes: In this workshop, the students will discover how they perceive stress, what triggers stress and how they can manage stress. This workshop will include daily practices the students can apply in their life to manage stress.

Workshop 4: Self Awareness
Outcomes: In this workshop, the students will learn how to cultivate more self-awareness so they can better understand their thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and values.

Workshop 5: Belief Upgrade
Outcomes: In this workshop, the students will learn how to shift any belief patterns that are not serving them in their life. The students will learn how to self-reflect and create an empowering belief system to navigate unwanted life experiences.

Workshop 6: Emotional Intelligence
Outcomes: In this workshop, the students will learn how to understand, use, and manage their emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others and overcome challenges.

Workshop 7: Use Life as my Teacher
Outcomes: In this workshop, the students will learn how to treat all life experiences as opportunities for growth and defining moments for change.

Workshop 8: Self Care
Outcomes: In this workshop, the students will learn different ways they can maintain a positive mental health and wellbeing.

Teenagers will leave the program feeling:

Connected to themselves and others around them

Inspired to change bad habits and behaviours

Clarity as to which goals they want to achieve in the future

Confident in their ability to manage change and stress

Resilient to life challenges by applying the tools & strategies learnt in the program

Educated on support systems and resources available to them


Meet Your Facilitators: 

Eman Serhan, the Founder of Samah Projects, is on a mission to educate and support individuals through all walks of life to overcome challenges in their life and realise their full potential. Samah seeks to achieve this mission through education programs in schools, online programs, private mentoring programs as well as collaborating with International organisations to provide aid to people that truly need it.

Taryn Young is a Heart Centered Coach & Speaker. Her purpose in life is focused around education because she believes that by teaching others real-life tools and strategies, they are able to awaken who they are and achieve desired results in all areas of their life.
Taryn is an Educational Support Officer for Samah Projects. She is very passionate about facilitating programs to teenagers within schools because she believes that by educating younger generations around topics surrounding personal development, this will create a ripple effect of change in the world.  One of Taryn’s biggest values is connection, which is why in her teaching style she creates a safe and loving space for others to be seen, heard & truly valued.

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