Samah Projects

PO Box 377, Balmain NSW 2041


Through education, our goal is to empower people to awaken their minds, take control of their lives and reach their full potential. We aim to achieve this goal through three core areas: Children & Teen Programs, Mentor & Educator Programs and Community & Aid Programs.

Children & Teen Programs - 
seek to encourage healthy mental development in young people. By implementing creative means to engage youth through curriculum linked workshops, we assist children throughout all stages of growth. Whether it be through self-positivity and empowerment talks, or study assistance to boost academic results, we hope to sow knowledge and let youth reap their own wisdom. Click the icon above to learn more.

Mentor & Educator Programs - Children often view adults as the foundation of their education. We aim to equip our educators with the tools and materials necessary to raise our future generations. With mother-child behavioural support sessions and teacher/mentor health and wellbeing interactions, we wish to give adults the confidence to foster learning minds. Click the icon above to learn more.

Community & Aid Programs
 is provided to help those affected by poverty and emergencies - regardless of race, religion or economic status. Through the provision of basic essentials such as food, water and clothing to disadvantaged families and individuals, we build a network of support and respect to those who need it. Click the icon above to learn more.

For more detailed information & to get involved, please contact us.