Samah Projects

PO Box 377, Balmain NSW 2041

Back to School Essentials

With a new back pack, filled with the right resources, students in need will go to school feeling like an equal.

Hundreds of students in need have walked away smiling from ear to ear, knowing that school is just that much easier, thanks to your kind donations. Many of us will never understand what it means to have our children go without, especially when it comes to school supplies. It's our obligation to give in order to provide these children with a more enlightened tomorrow. 
To take part in making a difference, please purchase a school essentials backpack here:

Below are some photos of the Samah Beirut Team, delivering back to school essentials to children. The joy that these deliveries bring to us (and our sponsors) is priceless. We really feel our hearts smile. A BIG thank you to all the sponsors who have donated both time and effort in order to make this possible for the hundreds of children so far.