Samah Projects

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Food Hampers

With so many people doing it tougher than ever before, especially during these difficult times, we have launched our ongoing food hampers to Lebanon.

It is so unfortunate that so many families in some countries can go days without food. During these unprecedented times for some, it's been weeks. A food hamper to feed a family for one month is only $60 AUD. For $15 AUD a week, you will be helping others go to bed with full stomachs.
To take part in making a difference, please purchase a food hamper here:

Every detail, of everything we do is documented. This gives our sponsors peace of mind that every dollar goes to those in need, plus even more from us.

Below are some photos of the Samah Beirut Team, delivering food hampers to needy families. The joy that these deliveries bring to us (and our sponsors) is priceless. We really feel our hearts smile. Thank you to the AMAZING humans in Adelaide and in particular the Saha 303 team that have helped bring food to these tables.