Samah Projects

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Confident Goal Project (Lebanon)

In light of the devastating circumstances in Lebanon, the acclaimed RFA Beirut Soccer Academy has been unable to run their usual youth soccer programs for a number of months now. Samah Projects has taken it upon themselves to help get the Academy back up and running and provide the children of Lebanon a reprieve from the stresses of their day-to-day life.

We are honoured to be running our ‘Confident Goal Project’ in conjunction with RFA Beirut to sponsor coaching, pitch hire, equipment, and uniforms to allow the academy to continue to do it’s great work.

Our vision is to provide the little soccer lovers of Lebanon the opportunity to train with one of the country’s best coaches. Beyond training the academy boys and girls with skills on the pitch, our program will incorporate educational elements to help them translate their resilience on the pitch into their daily lives.

We’re looking to our networks to help get this initiative going by sponsoring an academy student’s monthly fees. We’re providing sponsors with a package that allows them to connect and stay up to date with the sponsored student’s experience with RFA Beirut.