Samah Projects

PO Box 377, Balmain NSW 2041

Orphan Iftars - Dinner + Transportation

A massive THANK YOU to those who have already donated to this initiative. Your donations have gone a long way in bringing smiles to many Orphans faces šŸ’œ

Hosting Iftar Dinners in Ramadan is an absolute privilege. It is an opportunity for us to do our small part in restoring the balance.Ā 

We practice 'unity consciousness' by giving back to those who need it most, with our unconditional love and gratitude...

Human to Human

Soul to Soul

Stomach to Stomach

We have 2 donation options as follows...

- cover the cost of one Orphan's dinner + transportationĀ 


- cover the cost of a full Iftar for 30 Orphans + transportation

Each Child will also receive a gift on the day.

You can donate via credit card (inc amex), apple pay, google pay, shop pay & paypal.

100% of all donations go to purchasing the products being sent to those who need it most. Samah Projects covers any administration costs accrued in facilitating distribution.